Sunday, April 11, 2010

And let the I's become You

5 days into my Blog Triage class and I am loving it.
Alyson Stanfield (One of our instructor) gave us a very interesting challenge this week, to use "you" 3 times as much of a personal pronoun in our post. Going back to my earlier posts I realized how much I talk about me and so little about you, so this post is all about you:)

You are a person who believes that life is beautiful! You have a busy life, but often find yourself standing back and observing and admiring the world moving around you. You enjoy the finer things of life and often stop by to admire the beauty of a dew drop, the freshness of green grass, the fragrance of spring blooms, the buzzing of a busy bee. You believe in Love and the amazing feeling love brings into your life. You believe in exploring the road less travelled and in the Magic of the present. You understand that everything is not what it seems and are intrigued and impressed by the layers of life, layers of relationships and the many layers of the universe. You are intuitive and do not hesitate in breaking rules to follow your heart.

And most importantly you believe in yourself and the free expression of your feelings!

If you are all or any one of the above... You are my Ideal Reader and I look forward to knowing you more.


  1. It's telling how the "me" and "I" at the end ultimately reduced all those "you's" to me's"

  2. The trick is to connect with the readers. The power of the written word is such that one can hold conversations with readers, get them to think, build their own opinions, express thoughts, discuss things - you might get brickbats in the process but the bouquets too would find their way in. :)
    Will definitely look up the Blog Triage thin. Do they say anything about blogger's block?

  3. Joyita I do "admire the small things of life and believe that life is beautiful."so I guess I am in the right place! I love your "about me" page. See you in class!

  4. Sumit, I couldn't agree with you more. Ultimately thats the reason why I started to blog, to help people connect with my art. And its funny that you asked about the 'Bloggers block" check my latest post. It addresses that question.

    Thanks Dora! I have spent most of my computer time reading blogs of fellow Blog Patients and I am completely enjoying the experience. See u in class.


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