Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And Truth its only home

I was talking to a friend this morning when the question sprung up.
"When are you planning to go home Joy?"
"I am home" I replied.
"I know you are home, I called your landline. I meant when are you going to your real home, India?"

That got me thinking. Because all this while I have been considering where I live my home. Isn't that how it is for everyone? So where is my real home?

            And Truth Its only Home_16X20_Mixed Media with found objects

Its been 5 years since I moved from India to the US. I must confess that initially I lived through a period feeling completely displaced and distressed. And missed being in India terribly. But in the last few years I found myself building a new life, new friendships, new bonds, new meaning to life... a new home.

Often times nature conspires in weird ways and the very elements that hold the foundation of life together, destroy it completely. But is destruction so bad? Doesn't it give us a chance to re-build, re-hope, re-vision and re-live? The only thing constant is the Truth of the past and present.


  1. Long ago, I watched a movie, i guess it was Tandoori nights, and was totally struck by the last line in the movie said by Saeed Jaffrey.

    "Home is where the heart is"

    Thats something that has stuck to me for ever and I beleive it to be as true as the earth we live in.

    If you heart is with someone, someplace, you can never be at peace far from it.

    So relax and take your hart take over....


  2. Sorry for the typo *heart

  3. Only thing constant is adapt & enjoy !!!

  4. Joyita, coming from another country myself I really understand what you are talking about. I have now lived here for over 30 years and I feel that this (Philadelphia) is home. But, having said that, sometimes I question my feelings. I'm a foreigner here and I will always be. After 30 years and even though I go back very often I feel at home when I'm in Buenos Aires (my home town) but I don't feel totally at home. Some things now feel foreign to me. It's a complicated subject. And I totally agree that the only thing constant is the Truth of the past and present.

    BTW, I linked your blog to my blog. Hope it's ok.
    Thanks so much! Dora

  5. Hope you find some new friends here in the blog class.

  6. Hi Joy
    I appreciate your topic. It took me a long time to find and feel 'at home'.


    I have never moved to another continent and culture. I am in awe of those, like you, who do.
    There are so many layers to your story. Your adventure makes for a much more interesting and capable manner of engaging with life. You're not skimming the have to pay attention in a real and substantial way... 'learn the ropes' 'make your way' 'find your place, your home'...we all have to do that to some degree of course but moving across the planet and starting fresh within a new culture...that's BIG...I salute you.

    I like to say Welcome h'OM'e.

  7. Dora.. I agree its weird how sometimes you feel like an outsider in both worlds... That said I have found my tribe here, some amazing friends who understand me and accept me for what I am.. and that in itself is the most important thing of it all. And thank you so much for linking my blog to yours... appreciate it!

    Lanie.. so far the class has been a blast! and I already feel so connected with some of you...

    Merci.. It does make life very interesting... and thank you for the warm welcome.. Hari Om!


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