Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Honored to be Honored!

Have you ever experienced the feeling of total bliss? So excited that you didn't mind even if you got hit by a bus? If you have, then you know exactly how I feel right now!

                           Mother of Creation_18X24_Acrylic on canvas 
                  (One of my entries which will be on display for the show)

I am co-chairing the 81st Annual Open Juried show for the Connecticut Women Artist, Inc (CWA). My responsibility was to coordinate all the fantastic entries that we got and collate all of it in one place. Next my friend, the president of CWA, Sherrie Parenteau and I took a road trip to the Big Apple to meet the Juror the very talented Alyssa Monks.

I usually do not read about the juror of shows I plan to enter as I get very intimidated by their skill and give up even before trying. This time though I did google her and was simply wowed by her concept and composition. Meeting her in person was a even more wow experience. I am not sure what to praise more... Alyssa Monks the artist or Alyssa the lovely person I had the pleasure to hang out with.

Her work is a playful balance between realism and the abstract. Her use of different filters to visually change the way a woman's body looks has a direct correlation with the fleeting emotions and the changes it brings to a human mind and how perfection gets distorted through the filters of perception.
Her brush strokes, perfect! Resulting in an image which is captivating and narrative. And tells so many different stories about her Protagonist. A woman in her true elements, flirting, thinking, laughing, screaming, seeing, smirking.... living.

Painter and sculptor,Eric Fischl words "Enwrapped, submerged, engulfed, immersed and emergent are the metaphors for the inner thought/feeling states of her protagonist - a women fully formed, suspended in a constellation of a milky whey, embryo-like, on the verge of birthing herself", says it all.

She is a person who is a king among kings and still has not lost her common touch. My admiration only grew seeing her dedicated, hard working and sincere approach towards her work. How she diligently spends 60 hours a week in her studio to create these pieces of pure delight.

                                         New Hope_6X8_Linoleum Print

But the best part of the day was when she liked 3 of my entries and thought that one of my work deserved a honorable mention. I am giddy with excitement right now! My dear blog friends I won my very first Honorary mention for my work "New Hope". And was honored by one of my favorite contemporary artist. Life cannot get any better! 
Nevertheless I stayed clear of all buses.. thinking what if?

Alyssa is currently having a show "Oil and Water" at the DFN Gallery, NY.

The entries selected by the juror will be on display at the John Slade Ely house, New Haven CT. from May 9th through June 8th. 


  1. Joyita, congratulations on your honorable mention!!! I enjoy seeing your beautiful art on this page.

  2. Joyita,

    What a wonderful confluence of events. I love the allusion to thumbprints and identity in "New Hope." Altogether the whole exhibit sounds like a lot of fun--wish I could transmogrify and see it:)

  3. Thanks Lynn:)

    Hannah.. thanks:) You can see the images that will be part of the show on FB.. it isn't the same experience... but the show is so diverse and fresh that the images are worth looking at...
    heres the link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=173633&id=274298798179&ref=mf

  4. Joyita,

    Congrats! I enjoyed reading about the exhibit. I have a question from Blog Triage class - How did you put the "Follow Me on FaceBook" buton on your side bar? I also use Blogspot and I haven't been able to figure that out.


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