Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let the ideas Rock n Roll

And then God said "Let there be Ideas, so that bloggers always have something to write about".

Have you ever wondered where ideas come from? There has been times when I felt a writers block and wondered if I had lost my creative ability completely... and boom! I got a new idea!
Our assignment this week in the Blog Triage class is to list down 20 ideas that we would like to write about in our blogs.
The outcome being... No writers block! The logic is simple, there is always something that you want to write about.

So here's a list of things that I would like to write about (and also read about). And if you like any of these ideas feel free to use them as your inspirations. As a fellow Blogger Hannah Klaus Hunter rightly quoted: "if you think about it, no two people are going to write about the same subject the same way."
  1. My life's Experiences
  2. Common thread of thought among my paintings
  3. How Art has changed my Life and my view of life
  4. What I see, hear and feel everyday
  5. Art shows I am a part of or I visited.
  6. Artists who inspire me
  7. What I am drawn to
  8. My book shelf (May not be art related at all)
  9. My working table
  10. Blogs I love reading
  11. Cooking and the inspiration I get from good food.
  12. Free Open Source tools available which I find useful as an Artist
  13. Challenges that I face as an Artist
  14. Dialogues that I have with myself :)
  15. The local Art Scene
  16. My experiments with new mediums
  17. How my Reiki practice effects my creative process
  18. Courses and workshops that I attend.
  19. NPO's supporting local arts.
  20. And yes I will be promoting my friends a LOT
P.S- if you have been wondering about my ongoing mention about the Blog Triage Class, Visit: to get more info.


  1. I love the opening of your list Joyita--like your name it is supremely joyful. I'd love to hear more about how your Reiki practice affects your art. We offer Reiki to our patients at the hospital, but I've never thought about that connection before. Do tell! Also dialogues with yourself... (or in my case, myself) a never ending source:)

  2. Wonderful list, Joyita. My favorites are your bookshelf (if you are like most of our fellow patients, that could be hundreds of posts in itself), and reviews of open source tools. I look forward to the posts!

  3. Hannah.. Thank you! I try hard to live up to my name :) Off late I have been thinking about how the energy of various things around us effect out interpretation of it. Reiki opened the doors to me to get a feel of this energy...

    Hannah phelps.. thank you. I am also looking forward to writing these posts.. and my bookshelf consists of lot of non-art related books.


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