Thursday, April 8, 2010

Prescription by the blog Doctors

I have been blogging on and off for a few years now and I love it. I love sharing what I am doing and getting connected with like minded people. But off late I realized that my blog needs some help... a lot of work and more consistent postings, so I decided to seek help of the Blog Doctors: Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield. They are teaching an online class called Blog Triage... and I am looking forward to incorporating all the cool stuff I learn to make my Blog more interesting. I will be doing this class for the next month so expect to see a lot of posts and changes. It will be interesting to see where I am in a month! So heres part of my first doze of the Blog prescription:)

My very first assignment is to talk about my intent. Try to answer a couple simple questions why I blog and who I want my readers to be. Well at first it seemed like a simple assignment and I assumed it to be done in a jiffy. But when I actually got about answering the questions... I was speechless or should I say in loss of words.
So heres my first shot... and I am sure that in the next month my answer will change a few times.

Thinking about my first question, Why do I blog? My main goal when I started to blog was to document my creative work. But over the last few months things changed and now my intention is to share the process and not just the product. So I am hoping that in the coming weeks you will see me writing about my inspirations, my working table and my creative process.

And to who I want my readers to be... that was a simple question, really! EVERYBODY! One thing that I have been thriving to achieve as an artist is to appeal to the masses. As an abstract artist I have always found that the end product rarely does justice to the process that it has been through. And often times I have my friends and family look at a piece of work that I am completely proud of and say "Ahh" or a "Huh", which I must confess is very very disappointing. So my blog is for everyone who wants to understand and appreciate the process of creating and for those who are in the same boat as me trying to find the right answer.

So are you my Reader? Looking forward to hearing from you all.

P.S- its very encouraging to see the long list of followers on the side bar... so if you love reading my posts then feel free to comment and click on the "Follow" on the top right corner of the page.


  1. Joyita, I can identify with the family looking at a piece of art and saying "Ahh" or "huh"- it has happened on more than one occasion. Feels kind of empty, doesn't it?

  2. Hi, Joyita! I am another blog patient. I also like to share the process on my blog.

  3. Yes Lynn as I said it disheartening.
    Claudine I did read your blog posts and loved it... Looking forward to meeting a lot of fellow bloggers and artist through this class.

  4. Hi Joyita,

    I so identify with your feeling that the end product, the art work, does not reveal the magic of the process--and that by blogging those of us who are process lovers can share more of that excitement. I look forward to hearing more about yours.

  5. Hi Joyita
    Won't it be fun sharing the Triage journey and learning together...we have a great group forming!
    You are so on target about the process...I like a quote from Gauguin "think about creativity, not results." We get to learn that new every day as artists don't we!

  6. Remember that what people say often is more about them than about what they are commenting about.

  7. Merci the last 6 days has been an amazing experience and I am so looking forward to the rest of the month! its is fun sharing the Triage Journey!
    Cynthia.. True. But as a friend of mine had commented on an earlier post... thats what people like. Interpret Art in their way, which may or may not me the same as ours.:)


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