Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tackling the Green Monster

Have you ever felt envy reading somebody's blog? I admit, I have 'blog envy'. There is one blog that I read which has a huge following. It is also a great blog. And I often find myself referring to the blog as an example of a perfect blog and envy it.

http://LauraTwoTina.com is a blog which is a collaboration between two friends, thinkers and inspiring artists, the lovely Laura Gaffke and the talented Tina Hirsig. Laura says "Like two little birds singing in Harmony, they see the beauty and power of community".  They decided to blog to share their creative process with this community.

I love the simple, elegant and yet fun appearance of the blog. I love the way they approach their work and find inspiration in the most mundane things of everyday life. They have a knack in keeping their readers involved and come back to read more and above all they are consistent about it.

But the one thing which makes their blog so enviable is the amazing job they do in efficiently articulating their process with everyone. 

I am lucky to be sharing studio space with one of them, Laura Gaffke, who is a continuos source of inspiration. I recommend taking time out and reading their blog...  and quiet sure that you will feel inspired too.

P.S- Come back to share your comments :) 


  1. Joyita,

    I thought I'd comment here instead of on the class blog bc its fun to get comments! Very much love your new header. It gives me a good idea of your work and your personality:sunny and warm. (Am I close?)About envy: I often wonder if when we envy someone, we have more in common with them than we think. I've read the blog you write about and I feel the same sense of joy in yours. Do you think it makes a big difference with two poeple writing instead of one?

  2. Hannah you hit the bullseye! That is my personality :). The banner is made by cropping one of my paintings. You are right about the envy part too. I do feel I have a lot in common with Laura.
    Well, more hands typing is always better, it definitely helps in maintaining consistency. But then it also depends on what the intention of the blog is.
    What do think is two better than one?

  3. Joyita, I love your new banner as well! I'm not sure how easy it would be for two people to write together, I guess it depends. I personally like one person better, but it looks like Laura and Tina have a great thing going. I am friends with Laura on facebook and have been following their blog. I can't find a link to your website. Would love to see more of your artwork. :)

  4. Thanks Dora! A very good friend of mine made it for me.
    Thats a good feedback Dora.. I need to incorporate a link to my site from here. My website is www.JoyitaNeerkaje.com.

  5. Hi Joy! Thanks for writing about Laura and I. It is so nice to hear from someone who reads and enjoys our blog. Our journey spans joyful years and thoughtful moments in collaboration. It certainly has been a whole lot of fun. I always enjoy finding new blogs of interest and appreciated your links on the right sidebar. Maybe we could meet next time I am in town to visit Laura!

  6. Thank you for sharing the http://lauratwotina.com blog. What a great idea!

    I love the sunflowers in your banner.

  7. Joyita, guess what? I forgot to put a link to my website on my blog as well...Oops. Thanks for sharing yours! I just visited. I love how vibrant your artwork is. I love your colors!

  8. Thanks Claudine:)

    Dora. thank you. I like working with bright colors.. that comes from growing up in India. Be it Architecture, Art, Road signs, clothes or the personality of the people, everything is bright and colorful.
    I now have a link but thats in the about me page. Need to get something on the main page though.

    Tina.. I look forward to meeting you too! Laura always has such wonderful things to say about you and the work you are doing together.


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