Thursday, May 13, 2010

Painting our souls

                                      "My Guide" 24X30 Acrylic on Panel

Have you ever tried to meditate, visualize and paint your soul? A soul painting is a portrait of our inner-self.. a fluid landscape of our mind. It benefits you by illustrating your spiritual gift. Its like getting a Tarot card reading, each painting symbolizes and radiates icons of your empowerment.

I tried to paint my soul for the first time at a recent workshop I attended facilitated by the energitic Roberta Mockus. Something told me that this was a workshop I should not miss, and I didn't.

We started the workshop with some simple ice breakers to ease the group to each other. After which Roberta lead us through a meditation. We all searched inside ourselves to find ourselves. To visualize our intentions, our strengths, our paths ahead . My intend was to find my spiritual guide.

At the end of the session we all gathered around and asked ourselves some very basic questions.
  1. Did the painting symbolize my intend? 
  2. How did the painting make me feel? 
  3. If the images could speak, then what would they say? 
  4. What did I learn about myself?

As Roberta said "The answer lies in the Soul, letting go of the product and gaining wisdom from the process.  Let the paint brush guide you, it has all the answers."   
For me this workshop facilitated unveiling doorways to realms of possibility. It gave me an opportunity to glimpse into my own spiritual field of consciousness.


  1. Great post and beautiful painting Joyita! This is a process I would like to try. I've just popped over to your website and love your lino prints.

  2. Wonderful art, Joyita--glad I found you!

  3. I have never tried this, but maybe I will. Like lots of things that are good for us, it seems a bit scary....

    Does it feel weird to post a painting of your soul?

  4. Thanks Robyn.. I recently got an honorary mention for one of the Lino prints:) Thanks for stopping by... U shud give it a try, it's liberating.

    Diane... Thank you!! Hope you like it here:) I try my best to post consistently:)

    Hannah.. It took me some time to get comfortable with the sharing bit:)

  5. I'm struck with the wonderful combination of linear and organic form in your soul painting. I am curious about what you learned--would you be willing to share some of that? The meditation sounds like a wonderful process; something you could do over and over to gain insight.

  6. Thank Hannah! For starters I learnt how to tap into my inner self for inspiration... so far I have always searched outside...hmm, I think I will make a new post of all that.. what say?

  7. What an interesting workshop! I like the idea of painting your inner self. Do you think you will make more of these?

  8. Claudine.. I did make a couple more... will post them soon.


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