Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And I am back!

                White Water Rafting with Family @ Ohiopyle State Park

Hi Again!! Did you all miss me while I was gone? 
The beautiful sunny weather nudged me to give myself a little break and take a vacation to relax and get inspired before I got to work again.So, in the last month I made a couple road trips to New Jersey, Philadelphia and Pittsburg to make the best of these warm days. I saw some beautiful art, had fun with family and friends, got inspired by nature and had some adventure white water rafting in category 3-4 rapids. Next on my to do list for this summer is sky-diving and windsurfing, hoping to do that soon.

I have learnt so many things and have so much to share. So come back to this page again as I plan to blog a lot in the next few days:)


  1. Good to hear from you Joyita--your trip looks and sounds like a good time for all!

  2. Hannah.. It was fun:) The Mural Mile in Philly and the white water rafting being the highlight of the month.

  3. Collectors' along with 'Blog Triage'...I love Alyson's style of teaching and she's been 'just the ticket' for this wonderful transition time in my work life.
    I know that you'll enjoy the next chapter of your sweet life too.
    Cyber Hugs

  4. Part of my comment above didn't publish...

    I was saying that I so enjoyed graduating from both Cultivating Collectors and Blog Triage with you...

  5. That's really good ^_^. rafting together with your family is a wonderful time to spend with each other. your blog is really nice. keep on posting. more power.

  6. Donna! I enjoyed it as well.


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