Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living in the moment: feeling it, Seeing it.

                             © Rhythm of my heart_ 2 (16X20)_Acrylic on Canvas

I have signed up for a 40 day commitment to a personal revolution at the Mystic Yoga Shala. The program is based on 12 Laws of transformation which aims at an overall change, not just a dress size. The 'aahaa' moments usually comes to me when I am on the Mat trying very hard to hold a pose. 
My Yoga teacher says that endurance gets easy if we focus on one breath at a time and not what will happen next. And this advise works like Magic. Its beautiful when my mind is not running around, I feel the rhythm of each breath and see vibrant colors floating in front of my eyes! The inspiring moment that as artists we are always craving for. 

So if you are stuck in a dry spell try this out. Close your eyes and breath deep and loud, focus on each breath, feel it, hear it, see it. It only gets more beautiful each time.

Even if you are not an artist as of now, try it! The possibilities are endless, who knows you might just get inspired to pick up a brush and color a canvas. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, Joyita. This sounds like something I need to try.

  2. Beautiful--I love this concept!

  3. These are gorgeous works Joyita. And tell me, what is a "Shala"? I spent my weekend in just this way, letting a migraine run its course. The funny thing is, when I lay there, eyes closed, focused on my breath, I really was o.k.--and beautiful ideas arose in my mind and, slowly, the headache passed. The history of yoga and the fact that it is growing and going strong after at least 2 thousand years is a blessing. Namaste:)

  4. Valerie.. its definitely worth a shot!
    Thanks Diane:)

    Hannah.. 'Shala' means a house. Mystic Yoga Shala however is the Yoga studio I go to. Yoga actually dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization (around 3300 BC), its fascinating to see how its been growing and incorporating new schools of thoughts. It truly is a blessing! Namaste :)

  5. Thanks for the advice, Joyita. I practice tai chi, which also focuses on breath and the "now", so I know how magically these techniques can alter a mood, a day, a week...

    Have a great time on your 40 day journey!

  6. @ Hannah... true. I feel so grounded and composed most times. I am discovering the true meaning of grace.


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