Thursday, June 23, 2011

Be Consonant with

© Untitled: One of the Collaborative pieces I worked on.
I have always been intrigued by the human behavior of forming communities, grouping together on commonalities, participating and cooperating, trusting and partnering, collaborating to create something beautiful.

I was first introduced to the concept at the age of 5 as part of a theatre production. While I had a very very tiny role to play I enjoyed watching everyone pitch in and bring all the pieces together. The result was cheers from an auditorium full of audience. 

Through my life I have experienced this aspect of our behavior time and again, but mostly in an organizational level. And I have always wondered, is it possible to experience the same harmony when we are working on something smaller, a single book, a single blank canvas? 

Do you think its possible to express one self creatively, with no rules, no restriction, just plain going with the flow while collaborating?
Or is Discipline a requirement for the process to be successful?

My Team  and our creation from the Tunisian collaborative Painting workshop
Just 4 simple rules and the expanse of a blank canvas.
I am still trying to figure this one out and my questions are taking me to a lot of places. 
A little bit of time travel to understand the earliest record of cave paintings, to a short road trip to Philadelphia where the city has nurtured collaborative work in the form of the beautiful Murals all over the city. More about my trip in my next post.


  1. ooof! I love it! Every hue stands out!

  2. Thank You uglygirl for stopping by. The experience of doing that painting was also a lot of fun!


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