Saturday, June 18, 2011

Too busy living and savoring life

Sunset in Hyderabad
Hi again!
I know, I have been off the grid for half the year and I apologize for the disappearing act.
But sometimes you are so busy enjoying life, savoring every moment that you just don't want to get distracted. Has it ever happened to you?
 I was scared that if I look away I might miss out on something.
Have you ever felt that way?

My niece and me, sharing an iPod
The biggest highlight of these few months have been my visit to India and meeting my niece for the first time. She is a typical 3 year old with mischief and a new trick up her sleeves every minute of every day. Suffice to say, she kept me busy!

Auto-Rickshaw: A must ride in India, and its so much fun!!
Most part of my India trip was about living the place. Experience every thing about the city that I miss the most. Auto-Rickshaw rides, eating street food, going on long drives, catching up with friends and family, a little bit of gossiping, absorbing the spiritual and emotional experience that India has to offer and a lot of shopping. 

A Street Vendor making fresh 'Chaat'
I now feel rejuvenated, re-charged, inspired and pampered. Yes, getting pampered was on top of my to-do list. So come back here soon, because I have loads to share. New series of work, travel logs from my visit to some rural Indian art villages, collaboration art and more.

Family Shot: The Women of my family
See you soon!

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