Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tree of Life

© Tree of Life_24X12_Mixed Media
In Private Collection

Its not unusual for an artist to have ups and downs in their creativity. 
Have you ever been was through a "Creative Blank" phase and was scared that you are losing your artistic ability? I have and I did what I do best.. I decided to take advantage of the lovely warm weather and go for a walk.. to get some fresh air and loads of fresh ideas.

© From a hike to Gillette Fort State Park
In these walks, what I call fondly as 'Inspiration walks', I am always drawn towards the trees. 
The formation of each tree bending, branching out gracefully like a poised movement of a ballet dancer, the roots reaching down deep into the center of the earth gathering its essence.
The lifetime full of changes with seasons, learning and constantly adopting and re-inventing.
In perfect harmony with the world around.
Sheltering and providing home, giving without expectations of returns and sturdy. 

© From my Back Yard
Trees, to me are the true symbol of life, the circle of life and the symbiotic relationship shared between two lives. Its just one more way that nature truly inspires us to endorse the amazingness it has to offer and the lessons it has to teach.
I think trees are one of the most interesting thing to paint/draw/sketch.
The different kind of textures, the pure play of light and shadow and the negative spaces it forms with its spread. 
© Safe Haven_7X5_Linoleum Print
Its no wonder that a lot of art across continents is inspired by them. 
Next time when you are out taking a walk... just take notice of them, really look how the branches spread, how the roots rise above the ground and dive right back in, the lushness of the green and post a comment to this post to let me know how you felt.
Would love to hear all your thoughts.

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