Wednesday, September 14, 2011


© Compartmentalize_4X4_Acrylic on Canvas
"Compartmentalization began as an architectural theory, Life can also be divided into closed-off sections. Makes everything much simpler." - Dexter. 

Not sure how many of you out there like to watch the very popular show on TV: Dexter. I do!
And have to admit absolutely love it! Its smart, witty and sometimes makes sense.

This particular episode got me thinking about the entire concept of Compartmentalization. 
And what really happens when people say they are compartmentalizing life.
Probably because right now I find myself juggling between a certification exam, working on Art shows and family commitments.

Technically the word means: separating things into isolated categories.
But is it possible to completely segregate all components of life from one another?
If yes, then how do you know which compartment to visit when? 

I like to organize, I am comfortable when the lines are clearly drawn and borders are not threatened and everything is in the place where it should be. It keeps everything separate and clean. To me its a tool to organize co-existence; to be able to be neat and balanced. 

But sometimes the lines go blurred and things get smoothed together. I play different roles, I try to separate and find it almost impossible to do. Just like tiny drops of watercolors that merge into each other when dropped on wet paper isolated sections of my life get smooshed together. As an artist I draw inspiration from my daily life, as an HR professional my art helps me be creative and think out of the box. Wondering if that makes me a messy person. Or if this mess is simply the mortar which binds together the various compartments. The tiny color drops building a colorful pattern and the dirty browns clearly defining the segregation of colors.

My this weeks working table has been all about this thought and my theories. In an attempt to find clearer answer, I divided the process of creating art into smaller components. 
Pics and details in my next post... see you soon!

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