Monday, September 19, 2011

Embracing Creativity

© View from Panoramic Highway, San Francisco, CA
To create is to simply produce something using imaginative skills.
Often times people say things like "I wish I was creative", "You are either creative or your not" etc..,. The truth is everybody is creative.

The only thing that separates a creative from the others is very simple. The creatives have mastered the art of following through the process of creation and its not a knowledge we are born with but simply a systematic set of steps we have mastered by trial and error. There are popular theories and loads of books written by researchers and psychologists on the topic. However, I have my own version of the process. 

Yes, what I am saying is that an idea for painting doesn't get transpired with some divine intervention, it is a lot of focused preparation, observations, conversations and obsession! 
You got it... the key word is 'Obsession'. 

© Panoramic View_10X14_Water Color on Paper
Inspired by the Photograph to top.

Every artist at some point in their life have fought the fear of a 'Blank White Canvas' and for some, like me, its an ongoing battle. I definitely have a few sketchbooks jotted with ideas, a subject and a palette I love. But the process is not just about Ideas! 

For the lack of time and space for this post lets just talk about my sketchbooks of ideas. 
Where do you think these ideas come from?

That is the first step to the creative process: Preparation. 
This is the 'Not so fun part' of the cycle. It is what I like to call work, but it is necessary.
Most of my paintings are inspired by my life and my surroundings. Which essentially means that I am forever in an alert mode, observing and making mental notes of the smallest of the things I see. The way the trees branch out, the sun set and the changing color palette of nature, the ripples in the river, texture of a tree bark, the way people interact with each other and the list goes on. 

Creative life is a wonderful thing, of the many gifts its bestowed upon me I think the best has been the lesson of being present.

So lets all plan to do a fun exercise for the next week, walk around observe and come back here and share all you have seen. Be present!

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