Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspiration of Daily Life

© Infinite possibilities awaits on the other side 

"Life is a great and wondrous mystery, and the only thing we know that we have for sure is what is right here right now. Don't miss it." - Leo Buscaglia 

I hope you all had a fun week observing and making mental notes of the world around you. 
Its beautiful, isn't it? Wasn't it fun living with life and walking hand in hand with here and now?

I am high on life, addicted to every single element of it. The plus side, an overdose will not kill me, just enlighten me some more. This love of mine is evident in my work which is inspired by my everyday experiences. 

The most important quotient is People. Sometimes its just a mere observation on posture and activity which can be used later in bits and pieces in landscapes and cityscapes. But sometimes observing them make you think. For example every time I see an old couple walking hand in hand, it instantly gets a smile on my face. I think about their life, their struggles, their love that stood the test of times. 

© Fruit Vendor on the streets of rural India

Seeing is good, but don't let your other senses to fall back. Smell that fresh air, the aroma of spices coming from the nearby restaurant, the fragrance of somebody's perfume... they all usually trigger old memories and feelings in me.

Listen to music , the sounds of nature. Its a known fact that music inspires. The beats  might make you see a rhythm of colors, shapes and patterns or lyrics of a song might strike a chord in your heart. Just allow it to soothe you. 

Unwind, exercise and meditate! I have an entire series of work inspired by my Yoga Practice. I find it to be the best way to focus all my attention towards myself. Feel the air going in and out with each breath, the rhythm of my heart, the warm feeling. 
Its truly inspiring.

Enjoy Nature! After all is there anything more beautiful and intriguing than Mother Nature?

© Sunset at Avery Point, Groton CT

Last but not the least... Imagine! Travel to unseen places, think about other countries, their culture, their beliefs, all the amazing local folklores, their clothes... just close your eyes and go for a trip.

Possibilities are endless, there is something for everyone, observe, admire and            be Inspired!


  1. Just came thru your website after seeing the beautiful art work done using spatula and knife. Incredible! Had to come by to leave my comment. Lovely blog, btw.

  2. Thank you Sailu :) I am happy that you liked my work and decided to stop by and leave a comment. My website and this blog are both work in progress... so do stop by again.


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