Saturday, December 17, 2011

What lies beneath??

© Shinning through
Last week I had my first biking injury! Remember a few posts earlier I was talking about observing and documenting... well let me add a foot note to that: Don't do it while you are riding your bicycle. 
© Reaching for the Sky
New England is beautiful this time of the year, the trees have all shed their leaves and are bare and bald. Its like seeing something as is without any fancy accessory, without any make-up, no add-ons, just the person underneath, all revealed.
I personally have always found this thought very intriguing. 

Life is something like that. I always try to peel out the show, the drama and try to appreciate and love the underlying truth to things. 
And that brings me to asking some central questions... 
How many layers are they?
And when I peel off all the surfaces what do I expect to find? 
And what if I find something I am not willing face?

© Evening glow
So here I am on a trail so engrossed in admiring the beauty around me, taking mental pictures *Click click click* and Kaboom! I crashed! On the bright side, I got some amazing pictures and some thoughts to get me all wired up... new work coming soon!


  1. Oh boy! I hope that you are on your way to healing. The photos are beautiful and your musings on what lies beneath are intriguing. I think that this time of year (in New England) is also one of my favorites. The rawness of everything is extreme. The air is bitingly cold, the edges are sharp, the skies are slate gray and crisp blue. Even the sun seems to reveal hard edges. Just as nature reveals itself, we bundle up...layers and layers of clothes to keep in the heat. What a paradox. Feel better and I will see you soon.

  2. @ Millie... Yes healing well. I love how you have a way with words. I cudnt have put it in better words... yes the rawness of the atmosphere is amazing!
    And life is a Paradox na? Hope to see you soon and have a great Holiday Season. The menu for your christmas dinner does sound yummy :) Miss ya!


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