Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All that I do and don't

I know I let the ball drop on this one once again! I know, I had resolved to be more consistent but sometimes life just takes over... or may be I was being lazy. I will let you take a pick.
What was I doing? Having fun! A commission piece, Traveling, celebrating surviving the 7 year itch and being sick. 
They say a picture is worth a million words, so this blog post is going to have a few million words for you all to see/read.
© The Great Indian Ceremony, Mixed Media on Canvas, 18X24.
The first commission this year was a wedding gift from one friend to another. I love Love Stories and happily ever afters, so this painting was just double the fun. 
© Work in Progress, after about 4 layers.
I started off with first layering the canvas with some bits of party paper. And then I stained it with turmeric water, I absolutely love the rich yellow it leaves behind. And started building in layers of things synonymous to an Indian wedding. A palanquin in the background, layers of traditional patterns used in wedding cards, gold foil and more. I worked through around 7-8 layers, before I started painting the Bride and the Groom exchanging garlands in the Foreground. Finishing off with the names of the Bride and Groom the gift was meant for and a rich gold leaf border.

© The Gold Leaf Border
The timing of this painting was perfect, I was working on it as I was gearing up to celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary. A fun event with friends and family and a week long of partying, home upgrades and more.
© Hari and Me, with our "Mini" Anniversary gift.
What next? The most exciting project of them all. Oil Drum Art! Yes, you got it my next canvas is a 55 Gallon oil drum and my inspiration is energy. 

Stay Tuned, I might be late but I am always back to post more. 


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary AND on the serendipitous commission. I enjoyed your process description, especially the tumeric water stain. I'll have to try that!

  2. Thank You Hannah! Yes its been a real fun year so far :) And about the turmeric, play around with it. I came upon it by accident when I stained my shirt.. I loved the blotch and tried it on various surfaces. The best fun was on Arches 300 lb paper, i kept adding water and moving the pigments around... and voila! the stain + the grainy look, was worth the little experiment :)
    Also you can add a little soap in various places... the turmeric reacts and gives a bright red. Just be careful and don't let the canvas be exposed to Sunlight until you varnish it.


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