Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wax + Color = Lots of fun!

Drop-offs, pick-ups, meetings, gallery sitting, some more meetings, inventorying, accounting, taxes, more meetings, more drop-offs and pick-ups, rejection, acceptance, selling, inventorying, accounting, a few more meetings... Phew!!!
And 2.5 years back when I quit my job all I wanted to do was paint and blog. And these days I seem to be doing very little of both. May be its time to take a break from the break.

So I did just that! A friend of mine, who is a fabulous and famous artist of the area, Corina Alvarezdelugo was teaching a two day immersion with Encaustic. I jumped at the opportunity to try a new medium and have fun playing and Learning.

I was her only student, I know lucky me! So it turned out to be a weekend of fun, adventure, catching-up and ART. The best kind off weekend.

I learnt about the history of the medium, the versatility it provides, various techniques like fusing, scrapping, stamping, torching and much more!

Who knew Wax could be so much fun, until a few years back I thought all you could do with it is make candles.

The only thing I can say to sum-up the fun is... I AM IN LOVE AGAIN!!
Yes, that's how much I loved it.

And now I am looking forward to an awesome creatively fun weekend learning about Pulp, Paper, Pigment and Wax! Yes to that!
Stay tuned, more details coming soon.


  1. Oh, I'm here and I didn't know that!! hahaha!! We really had a great time having fun with wax and lots of color!!!! Looking forward for 3 more days of wax and PAPER PULP!!!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with me in your blog. That's very sweet of you!!!

  2. Corina.. Blogging from a mobile device on the go has it's limitations, I could not show my love of links :)


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