Friday, February 15, 2013

View from my Studio

View from my Studio: American Bald Eagle
© Joyita Neerkaje
I am one lucky artist!
The Best part of having a Studio converted from an old Mill is the History behind the house, the amazing small details of construction and the Gigantic Windows! A view to beauty, inspirations and possibilities.
And having a window that faces water is just perfect!

For this year I wanted to do a series of Blog Posts on what I see.
I hope these images inspire you as much as they inspire me.


  1. wow, cool! are you participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend?

  2. @ Susan... That was my Lucky day... usually you see them up high or far off. This picture was taken from my phone Camera without any Zoom.
    I wasn't planning on participating, but the amount of birds I see... I probably just do it.


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