Friday, February 22, 2013

View from Studio: Reflection

Is this the window to what really is?
© Joyita Neerkaje
Reflections are everywhere. In water, side of a building, glass, in our thoughts.
On a still (calm) day reflections are crisp and clear, mirroring the world. 

But on a slightly turbulent days things get murkier, shapes begin to form, abstraction of shapes begin to happen... colors mix into each other and nothing is exactly what it seems to be. 

Both hold its own beauty! 

When we get busy 'living' and wrapped up in daily chores, sometimes important things get neglected. Those times it okay to be lazy, get back into the coziness of the comforter and just re-group with self. While life must be lived in forward motion, to truly understand its meaning, and to right all the wrongs we need to stop every few steps and look backwards.

They say past cannot be changed, but I often catch myself asking.... CAN IT?

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