Monday, March 25, 2013

View from my Studio: Migration

Spring Visitor: Osprey_Photography
© Joyita Neerkaje
Yes! The much awaited Spring is here! I know the current temperatures say otherwise, but our surrounding is getting ready so the warmer days cannot be too much far behind. The best thing about the view from my studio is watching the seasons change, the birds coming in for hellos and goodbyes, until we meet again, next year.
Spring Visitor: Canada Goose_Photography
© Joyita Neerkaje
Bird Migration is a fascinating phenomenon. I recently learnt that around 1800 different species of birds migrate seasonally for nourishment. They navigate across countries, sometimes continents using simple celestial cues and slight changes in earths magnetic field! This mega adventure comes with its risks of predators and mortality. But still every year they flock together and embark on their journey. 
The flight in between (Mute Swans)_Photography
©Joyita Neerkaje
Artists are no different. 
We are a migratory species and our creative process feeds on explorations and new discoveries. We move materially, disciplinarily to find nourishment for our creative process. 
My switch back and forth between painting and photography or switching from abstract to representational, falling in and out of love with various materials are all signs of migration.
There are risks, but sometimes its important for the creative to get started on the journey, be lost for a while until we find our way again. 

Try it, you will be amazed! 

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