Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scarlet: Art for the heart

The show poster

When I first looked at the Torso sitting on the seat next to me on my drive back home, a lot of varied ideas ran through my mind. And then came an image of my mother, the strength and stability of my life, our life. Isn't that how all mommies are? And I wanted my piece to tell a story of a mother. The fluidity, the sturdiness, the warmth of their undying unconditional love.

Partially Done
I decided to name my piece GAIA, the Mother from whom we are born from and into who we ultimately merge into. An ocean of love, the strength of a mountain, the calm of the moon and the warmth and glow of the sun.

My Working table on 11/30/2010

Here are a few pictures of the process I lived to bring my piece together. Like many facets of a woman's mind/life, I painted this with many layers trying to create interest and intrigue, texture and flow. I used a lot of different materials to bring it to life. Hand made paper, kitchen towel, wire and acrylic.

Detail from the piece

I dropped of my work this past weekend and had a sneak peak into the works and thought put together by the other participating artists, its just beautiful and thoughtful and very very inspiring. Each telling a story of a woman and every story unique and interesting in its own way.

So come join us for our opening this weekend at Hartford and help us make it the blockbuster of this year. Remember we cannot support this cause without your support. So help us with our effort to make a contribution towards the war against Heart Disease.

Where: Art Space Hartford, 555 Asylum Avenue, Hartford CT
When: 11th Dec 6:00pm to 10:30 pm
For more details check the Facebook event @

See you there!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

High on Life

Diwali Lights

Have you ever been so busy living and relishing each moment, that you forgot about everything else?
Then you know exactly how I feel! 

Last few months have been so much fun, that I kept hitting the 'snooze' button on all the reminders about updating blog and Website. Not that I didn't  miss you all, its just that like my 2 year old niece I feared that if I looked the other way I might miss out on something fun. 

In Halloween Mood
Anton Chekhov had said "If you want to work on your art, work on your life"

I decided to do exactly that. And treated my self to loads and loads of fun and inspiration. And strangely enough everyone around me seemed to be in a similar mood. The last few days has been all about 'celebrating the good things in life'. It started with Dasera and Diwali celebrations, the decorating of house, making traditional sweets and savories and partying with friends. Attended another awesome Soul Painting workshop with the amazing Roberta Mockus, one more round of Tunisian Collaborative Painting, a little traveling and a lot of Yoga and Meditation.
With my Yogi friends from South
One of the biggest treat I gave myself was a 4 day Yoga Workshop "The Art of Assisting" with Master Baptiste Teachers, Gregor Singleton and Paige Elenson. The workshop was both physically and philosophically very challenging. But at the end of the 4 days I walked out feeling free, open, in-flight and grounded... all at the same time. I learnt perhaps the most important lesson of my life: 'I Can't control everything! And most times its more fun to just let go off the control and go with the flow"

Interesting Canvas
All Inspired and Wired up I started working on a very unique Canvas, a woman's torso. 
I am doing this as part of the art exhibit and benefit for WomenHeart organization. 40 Artists from connecticut are participating to make this event into a blockbuster! There will be Live Music, Art and the company of the very inspiring artists. So mark your calendar for Dec 11th and come over to share your evening with us. 
Where: Art Space Hartford, 555 Asylum Avenue, Hartford CT
When: 11th Dec 6:00pm to 10:30 pm
For more details check the Facebook event @
I promise this show will be rocking!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sketch Book Project: Get Set Go...

© A page from my sketch book

Want to be the rockstar of the sketch book world? Then this is a project you want to be a part of. Like it says on their website "Its like a concert tour but with sketch books".
I first heard of it while chatting with a young artist and docent from a art museum at Starbucks. She was very excited about this project and her description and enthusiasm got me interested in it too. I immediately registered for it and opted for a random selection of a theme.
Finally got my sketch book in mail and my theme is 'Down your Street'. Now I am looking forward to some sketching fun. My first destination, the farmers market round the corner, down the street from home. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

If you want to know more about this project then just click on the image of 'The Sketch Book Project' on the right side of this page. It will take you to the official website of this creative project.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Some of my work on the wall at the Artisans Gallery, Opening Tonight.

A couple of weeks back a smart and savvy young girl, Dora Szekely, walked up to me and asked me if I would like to show my work in downtown Mystic, all I needed to do was hang my work and Gallery Sit. She had seen my work earlier and thought I was a good fit. The prospect seemed very exciting and I jumped at the offer. I did have a few hiccups in getting my work hung, but there it is on the wall, contrasting and looking beautiful against the green. 

Portion of the Gallery space

Its a nice little creative group consisting of jewelers, blacksmiths, painters, mixed media artists and photographers. Some of the people whose work I admire greatly and collect.

The other side of the space with Mary Anne Sherman and Dora Szekely

© Jewelry by Mary Anne Sherman

Today is our grand opening as part of the monthly Art Stroll in mystic. Drop by if you are in the area to meet and see our work. And if you can't make it today, don't worry the show is open through the month. Stop by to see our work and stay tuned for our next opening. See you there!

Our Address: 3 Pearl Street
Mystic CT 06355
We are Open Wed-Sunday 12pm-8pm

Friday, August 27, 2010

Order of Preference

© Circles of Life_8X10_Linoleum Print

My Last blog was about the book "Signs of Life" by Angeles Arrien
And I saw a lot of responses to it both on my blog and my Facebook page of people who tried the test. I strongly recommend getting a copy of the book and going through the other exercises as well as the in depth analysis of this test.

As for this exercise, in my last post I wrote about the symbols and what they signify.
But did you know that the order in which you place each symbol also has its own significance??

Here is a brief overview of the significance of the order.

  • Position 1 refers to place where you think you are. 
  • Position 2 reflects your strengths
  • Position 3 is all about where you actually are
  • Position 4 is your motivation and
  • Position 5 symbolizes your old, unfinished business.

It is a holistic approach of what the preference and symbols together signify. The combination gives you a true picture of your inner landscape. The most interesting thing about this test is that... every time you take it, the results are different.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Five Universal Shapes

                                   © Home Sweet Home_5X7_Pen and Ink

One of my life's passion is Folk Art. They tell a million stories about a cultures experiences through some simple shapes and form. What is even more fascinating is the striking similarity in their way of expression even if they haven't had any cultural overlaps. A lot of my work is inspired by these basic shapes and forms and what they represent.

This interest of mine got me attracted to the book "Signs of Life" by Angeles Arrien. This Book talks about the Five Universal shapes, what they represent and how to use them to understand our inner landscapes. The author, Angeles Arrien, is a Cultural Anthropologist who has dedicated her life researching and understanding these cultural similarities. She is an inspiration! 

The five basic shapes are: The circle, the square, the triangle, the cross, and the spiral. These symbols bear similar meaning in different cultures.

  • The circle symbolizes wholeness, a complete cycle. 
  • The square with its equal sides symbolizes balance and stability. 
  • The Triangle represents goals and dreams
  • The cross stands for relationship
  • And the Spiral... you guessed it, represents personal/spiritual growth.

The book then guides the readers to a 'Preferential Shapes Test' to understand the state of ones inner mind. The test is simple. You just have to order the shapes from position 1 to position 5 as per your preference. The Author says: "The sequence in which someone places the shapes when taking the test is most important in showing which of the five universal processes of change and growth is being experienced most intensely by that person at that time."

I took the test and was amazed at the accuracy of the results. Try it out, I am sure you will also be equally amazed. And do stop by again to let me know your thoughts.

"While I stood there I saw more than I could tell, and 
I understand more than I saw; for I was seeing in a 
sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit,
and the shape of all shapes as they must live
together like one being"
- From the book 'Black Elk Speaks'

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living in the moment: feeling it, Seeing it.

                             © Rhythm of my heart_ 2 (16X20)_Acrylic on Canvas

I have signed up for a 40 day commitment to a personal revolution at the Mystic Yoga Shala. The program is based on 12 Laws of transformation which aims at an overall change, not just a dress size. The 'aahaa' moments usually comes to me when I am on the Mat trying very hard to hold a pose. 
My Yoga teacher says that endurance gets easy if we focus on one breath at a time and not what will happen next. And this advise works like Magic. Its beautiful when my mind is not running around, I feel the rhythm of each breath and see vibrant colors floating in front of my eyes! The inspiring moment that as artists we are always craving for. 

So if you are stuck in a dry spell try this out. Close your eyes and breath deep and loud, focus on each breath, feel it, hear it, see it. It only gets more beautiful each time.

Even if you are not an artist as of now, try it! The possibilities are endless, who knows you might just get inspired to pick up a brush and color a canvas. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And I am back!

                White Water Rafting with Family @ Ohiopyle State Park

Hi Again!! Did you all miss me while I was gone? 
The beautiful sunny weather nudged me to give myself a little break and take a vacation to relax and get inspired before I got to work again.So, in the last month I made a couple road trips to New Jersey, Philadelphia and Pittsburg to make the best of these warm days. I saw some beautiful art, had fun with family and friends, got inspired by nature and had some adventure white water rafting in category 3-4 rapids. Next on my to do list for this summer is sky-diving and windsurfing, hoping to do that soon.

I have learnt so many things and have so much to share. So come back to this page again as I plan to blog a lot in the next few days:)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Featured Joy

One time or another you must have wished that a day had more than 24 hours. I make that wish often and then later look back to see what I could've done to make 24 hours seem enough. The answer is always very simple.
                At the Studio, planning the arrangement.

I am the Featured Artist for the month of June at the Artist Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, RI. And I am very very excited about it and have been looking forward to it for the last couple months. This is my first featured show. With the excitement came a lot of anxiety, stress and lots of learning. 
I am sure all seasoned artists have this figured out and have a system in place. But if you are new to the Art Business like me, you might find this post useful. 

I almost immediately learnt that it needs to be PLANED well in advance. Even if you think you will have some new paintings its important that all the work you hang are in sync. Its always nice to have a common thread of thought or intention flowing through the collection. All the work that I am hanging are my meditative pieces. They are all about my quest to find myself. 

FRAMING is a very important part of your work. Although it doesn't seem very important the right frame can enhance your work and a bad frame can bring down the the colors completely. So give framing considerable thought. And remember most arts and crafts stores do not have a wide variety available. You will need to order them online... and it brings me back to lesson number one: PLAN!
I had to drive for an hour to providence, then run to the nearest Home Depot to get all the framing supplies together. To order frames online I personally like using Franken Frames.

It was just not my day.. I needed a frame for a 24X48 painting and the framing stores were out of just that size. I rushed to the nearest Home Depot to get Wood panels and make my own frame, only to realize that I had no clue how to do it. One of my friends was kind enough to take the time out to show me how to. If you haven't already its nice to LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR TOOLS, I finally did. Yes, I used a hand drill for the first time ever and feel very proud about the frame I assembled.

But the most important lesson that I learnt was the importance of GOOD FRIENDSHIPS. I am so lucky to have some fabulous friends who took time out to help me and made up for my lack of plan. Without their help I would probably still be struggling. 

I have my show hung, labelled and awaiting its opening on June 2nd. If you are in area drop by to see my work at the Artist Cooperative of Westerly; 7 Canal Street, Westerly RI. Its on display starting from May 27th through June 26th.

See you soon, Until then hoping for some peace and quiet or may be another adventure. Whatever it is you will definitely get to read about it, so stay tuned.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


What would you do if you randomly found a book? Read it of course, and then? What if there are a few words that jump out at you and inspire you to give it new meaning? You also have a treasure trove of random knick knacks that you want to have in one place. And you absolutely would love to paint but not ready for a canvas.... then an Altered Book is the perfect project for you. If you are an experienced artist then an altered book is an awesome practice book/journal.

What is an altered book?
It is all about recycling, reinventing and recreating. Its taking a old/new book and redoing it by creative means into a work of art. Altered books are considered the "new and happening" art form, but it has an history which goes back centuries. It was then called by names like Palimpsest and Grangerism. 

Today altered book has evolved further more. You can use it as a fun playful and colorful journal or a practice book to try some cool new techniques. Whatever the intent... Just open the book and start working, don't worry about the whats and whys. Remember there are no rules, just some printed pages and a box full of fun supplies. So let go and get ready to carve, glue, rip and tear, sew, stamp, paint, collage and whatever it is that you want to try. And guess what, IT'S LEGAL!!

I was first introduced to altered books by the lovely Laura Gaffke in a 6 week workshop that she did in our cozy studio. 7 Artists got together under the same roof and created their own pieces of expression, emotion.. ART; under the guidance of Laura. 

I chose a book about "Wrinkle Cure" to challenge myself... and little did I know that I will end up with a book I love and feel proud off. My book is a colorful translation of the new friendships and bonds I formed in those 6 weeks. 

Millie Donovan from the Riverside Studio and Gallery is opening the doors of her studio to celebrate and share our creative friendships. Its a show about and of the works of the students of Laura Gaffke.

When: May 21st - June 18th
Where: The Riverside Artists Studio & Gallery
8-12 Broad Street
Westerly, Rhode Island
Opening Reception: May, 21st from 5-8 p.m

To read know about the participating artists check The Riverside Artists Blog.

P.S: Images in this posts are pages from my Altered book.

Monday, May 17, 2010

One Story - 4 story tellers

Actually it was 4 Stories, 16 story tellers in 2 Continents.
Yes you read it right, two continents. It was art (with help of technology of course) that built a colorful bridge across two cultures. 

It was a unique experience facilitated by David Black at the Mystic Art Center, CT. Two Groups of Artist created Tunisian Style collaborative paintings. I initially stopped by to play the role of an observer, but when asked to join, I gladly jumped in with a brush and an open mind to explore, experiment and enjoy! While we painted we had the opportunity to stand back and observe two other groups energetically working on their canvases in Tunis through video conferencing and they could observe us. 

The Tunisian collaborative painting was pioneered by Hechmi Ghachem in the late 1980's. Its a concept with 4 simple rules

  1. One person is given the honor to begin the painting.
  2. Anyone can paint anytime and anyone can erase anyone else's work
  3. Another member settles any disputes concerning the painting.
  4. One member of the group decides when the painting is finished. 

It's best to have at least three artist working on the same canvas.. more is merrier (depending on the size of the canvas). Once begun no additional members can join the group and the group has to work together until its finished. Acrylics becomes the choice of medium because of its quick drying time.

Mr David Black was initiated to this process in one of his trips to Bouabana Art Space in Tunis. He experienced how art bridged all boundaries of culture and language as he and his collaborators worked on a single canvas to narrate one colorful story. He instantly knew that this was something he wanted to share with the world. 

Mr Black asked me how did I feel, my answer was a single word "Liberated". I am used to having total creative control over my paintings, letting go of that control to work within a group was a challenge by itself. Though a little difficult at first I slipped into the role of a collaborator very soon.

In this post are pictures of the canvas that my group worked on in various stages. The one above being the completed image and the picture below is the completed image of the other group.

If you saw one of these paintings hanging in a wall, would you ever guess that multiple artists worked on it simultaneously?

Thats the MIRACLE, the harmony that we had achieved as a group.

What did I learn? I learnt to let go and be open to ideas. To see the big picture and readily accept my role as part of the big picture. And more importantly I learnt to make more daring choices and not be hesitant in erasing something I feel doesn't work.   

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Painting our souls

                                      "My Guide" 24X30 Acrylic on Panel

Have you ever tried to meditate, visualize and paint your soul? A soul painting is a portrait of our inner-self.. a fluid landscape of our mind. It benefits you by illustrating your spiritual gift. Its like getting a Tarot card reading, each painting symbolizes and radiates icons of your empowerment.

I tried to paint my soul for the first time at a recent workshop I attended facilitated by the energitic Roberta Mockus. Something told me that this was a workshop I should not miss, and I didn't.

We started the workshop with some simple ice breakers to ease the group to each other. After which Roberta lead us through a meditation. We all searched inside ourselves to find ourselves. To visualize our intentions, our strengths, our paths ahead . My intend was to find my spiritual guide.

At the end of the session we all gathered around and asked ourselves some very basic questions.
  1. Did the painting symbolize my intend? 
  2. How did the painting make me feel? 
  3. If the images could speak, then what would they say? 
  4. What did I learn about myself?

As Roberta said "The answer lies in the Soul, letting go of the product and gaining wisdom from the process.  Let the paint brush guide you, it has all the answers."   
For me this workshop facilitated unveiling doorways to realms of possibility. It gave me an opportunity to glimpse into my own spiritual field of consciousness.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Honored to be Honored!

Have you ever experienced the feeling of total bliss? So excited that you didn't mind even if you got hit by a bus? If you have, then you know exactly how I feel right now!

                           Mother of Creation_18X24_Acrylic on canvas 
                  (One of my entries which will be on display for the show)

I am co-chairing the 81st Annual Open Juried show for the Connecticut Women Artist, Inc (CWA). My responsibility was to coordinate all the fantastic entries that we got and collate all of it in one place. Next my friend, the president of CWA, Sherrie Parenteau and I took a road trip to the Big Apple to meet the Juror the very talented Alyssa Monks.

I usually do not read about the juror of shows I plan to enter as I get very intimidated by their skill and give up even before trying. This time though I did google her and was simply wowed by her concept and composition. Meeting her in person was a even more wow experience. I am not sure what to praise more... Alyssa Monks the artist or Alyssa the lovely person I had the pleasure to hang out with.

Her work is a playful balance between realism and the abstract. Her use of different filters to visually change the way a woman's body looks has a direct correlation with the fleeting emotions and the changes it brings to a human mind and how perfection gets distorted through the filters of perception.
Her brush strokes, perfect! Resulting in an image which is captivating and narrative. And tells so many different stories about her Protagonist. A woman in her true elements, flirting, thinking, laughing, screaming, seeing, smirking.... living.

Painter and sculptor,Eric Fischl words "Enwrapped, submerged, engulfed, immersed and emergent are the metaphors for the inner thought/feeling states of her protagonist - a women fully formed, suspended in a constellation of a milky whey, embryo-like, on the verge of birthing herself", says it all.

She is a person who is a king among kings and still has not lost her common touch. My admiration only grew seeing her dedicated, hard working and sincere approach towards her work. How she diligently spends 60 hours a week in her studio to create these pieces of pure delight.

                                         New Hope_6X8_Linoleum Print

But the best part of the day was when she liked 3 of my entries and thought that one of my work deserved a honorable mention. I am giddy with excitement right now! My dear blog friends I won my very first Honorary mention for my work "New Hope". And was honored by one of my favorite contemporary artist. Life cannot get any better! 
Nevertheless I stayed clear of all buses.. thinking what if?

Alyssa is currently having a show "Oil and Water" at the DFN Gallery, NY.

The entries selected by the juror will be on display at the John Slade Ely house, New Haven CT. from May 9th through June 8th. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And Truth its only home

I was talking to a friend this morning when the question sprung up.
"When are you planning to go home Joy?"
"I am home" I replied.
"I know you are home, I called your landline. I meant when are you going to your real home, India?"

That got me thinking. Because all this while I have been considering where I live my home. Isn't that how it is for everyone? So where is my real home?

            And Truth Its only Home_16X20_Mixed Media with found objects

Its been 5 years since I moved from India to the US. I must confess that initially I lived through a period feeling completely displaced and distressed. And missed being in India terribly. But in the last few years I found myself building a new life, new friendships, new bonds, new meaning to life... a new home.

Often times nature conspires in weird ways and the very elements that hold the foundation of life together, destroy it completely. But is destruction so bad? Doesn't it give us a chance to re-build, re-hope, re-vision and re-live? The only thing constant is the Truth of the past and present.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tackling the Green Monster

Have you ever felt envy reading somebody's blog? I admit, I have 'blog envy'. There is one blog that I read which has a huge following. It is also a great blog. And I often find myself referring to the blog as an example of a perfect blog and envy it. is a blog which is a collaboration between two friends, thinkers and inspiring artists, the lovely Laura Gaffke and the talented Tina Hirsig. Laura says "Like two little birds singing in Harmony, they see the beauty and power of community".  They decided to blog to share their creative process with this community.

I love the simple, elegant and yet fun appearance of the blog. I love the way they approach their work and find inspiration in the most mundane things of everyday life. They have a knack in keeping their readers involved and come back to read more and above all they are consistent about it.

But the one thing which makes their blog so enviable is the amazing job they do in efficiently articulating their process with everyone. 

I am lucky to be sharing studio space with one of them, Laura Gaffke, who is a continuos source of inspiration. I recommend taking time out and reading their blog...  and quiet sure that you will feel inspired too.

P.S- Come back to share your comments :) 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Get Creative

What is creativity? Are artists the only creative people in the world? Not really. Creativity is all about coming up with new ideas, thinking and exploring. You might think that you are not someone who is regularly struck with brilliant ideas. Sometimes putting yourself in a new environment can help, but is that enough? It’s like sitting under an apple tree expecting to be struck with an apple and have a Isaac Newton “aha!” moment. If you are really lucky then it might just work but if you are like me then here are a few things I did to get out of the cubicle and think outside the box

Be a Rebel
As much as I believe in techniques and rules, I also believe in free uninhibited expression.While an Artist needs to know his/her craft its sometimes important to break rules.So if you are one of the meticulous, plan everything in advance, gets scared with the slightest of change person. Then its time you shed your old habits and try to get more spontaneous.

                                Love arranged_a page from my journal

Take Risks
If you want to learn to swim, you need to just dive in the water and trust it. Thats what creativity is all about.Take the risk of opening your heart and let the feelings flow out. Let go of control and let the brush and colors guide you. Its tough... but who said it would be easy, but I promise it will be worth it.

Address the white                                                                                      
If you find the starkness of white paper or canvas intimidating. Get Rid of it!! If you use Acrylic or oil you can always bring the white in later. I always paint my canvas in one single color as soon as I get them home.

                           Its complicated _ a page from my journal

Don't be too quick to judge
The problem is we are our worst critic. If you are unhappy with what you just created, leave it aside for sometime and get back to it on a later date. And if it still doesn't do it for you. You can always cover the whole thing with white and start over or not.

Follow your Intuition
Learn to trust what your heart says, it never lies.
And remember there is no right or wrong way to creativity... you can get there using a lot of different roads.

Doodle, Doodle and Doodle
Allow things to happen by accident, I often come up with interesting shapes and patterns when I doodle.
You can start a creative journal, think of what you are trying to accomplish abstractly. Look around you for inspiration. Doesn’t matter if your answer is ridiculous… the goal is to get yourself into a new frame of mind.

That said a one time effort will not bring home the prize. The key is CONSISTENCY!.

P.S- The images in this Blog post are pages from my Altered Book Journal. Both these pages inspired bigger pieces that I am working on now. Stay tuned to see the transition and to read more about altered books in future posts.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let the ideas Rock n Roll

And then God said "Let there be Ideas, so that bloggers always have something to write about".

Have you ever wondered where ideas come from? There has been times when I felt a writers block and wondered if I had lost my creative ability completely... and boom! I got a new idea!
Our assignment this week in the Blog Triage class is to list down 20 ideas that we would like to write about in our blogs.
The outcome being... No writers block! The logic is simple, there is always something that you want to write about.

So here's a list of things that I would like to write about (and also read about). And if you like any of these ideas feel free to use them as your inspirations. As a fellow Blogger Hannah Klaus Hunter rightly quoted: "if you think about it, no two people are going to write about the same subject the same way."
  1. My life's Experiences
  2. Common thread of thought among my paintings
  3. How Art has changed my Life and my view of life
  4. What I see, hear and feel everyday
  5. Art shows I am a part of or I visited.
  6. Artists who inspire me
  7. What I am drawn to
  8. My book shelf (May not be art related at all)
  9. My working table
  10. Blogs I love reading
  11. Cooking and the inspiration I get from good food.
  12. Free Open Source tools available which I find useful as an Artist
  13. Challenges that I face as an Artist
  14. Dialogues that I have with myself :)
  15. The local Art Scene
  16. My experiments with new mediums
  17. How my Reiki practice effects my creative process
  18. Courses and workshops that I attend.
  19. NPO's supporting local arts.
  20. And yes I will be promoting my friends a LOT
P.S- if you have been wondering about my ongoing mention about the Blog Triage Class, Visit: to get more info.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And let the I's become You

5 days into my Blog Triage class and I am loving it.
Alyson Stanfield (One of our instructor) gave us a very interesting challenge this week, to use "you" 3 times as much of a personal pronoun in our post. Going back to my earlier posts I realized how much I talk about me and so little about you, so this post is all about you:)

You are a person who believes that life is beautiful! You have a busy life, but often find yourself standing back and observing and admiring the world moving around you. You enjoy the finer things of life and often stop by to admire the beauty of a dew drop, the freshness of green grass, the fragrance of spring blooms, the buzzing of a busy bee. You believe in Love and the amazing feeling love brings into your life. You believe in exploring the road less travelled and in the Magic of the present. You understand that everything is not what it seems and are intrigued and impressed by the layers of life, layers of relationships and the many layers of the universe. You are intuitive and do not hesitate in breaking rules to follow your heart.

And most importantly you believe in yourself and the free expression of your feelings!

If you are all or any one of the above... You are my Ideal Reader and I look forward to knowing you more.

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