Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Honored to be Honored!

Have you ever experienced the feeling of total bliss? So excited that you didn't mind even if you got hit by a bus? If you have, then you know exactly how I feel right now!

                           Mother of Creation_18X24_Acrylic on canvas 
                  (One of my entries which will be on display for the show)

I am co-chairing the 81st Annual Open Juried show for the Connecticut Women Artist, Inc (CWA). My responsibility was to coordinate all the fantastic entries that we got and collate all of it in one place. Next my friend, the president of CWA, Sherrie Parenteau and I took a road trip to the Big Apple to meet the Juror the very talented Alyssa Monks.

I usually do not read about the juror of shows I plan to enter as I get very intimidated by their skill and give up even before trying. This time though I did google her and was simply wowed by her concept and composition. Meeting her in person was a even more wow experience. I am not sure what to praise more... Alyssa Monks the artist or Alyssa the lovely person I had the pleasure to hang out with.

Her work is a playful balance between realism and the abstract. Her use of different filters to visually change the way a woman's body looks has a direct correlation with the fleeting emotions and the changes it brings to a human mind and how perfection gets distorted through the filters of perception.
Her brush strokes, perfect! Resulting in an image which is captivating and narrative. And tells so many different stories about her Protagonist. A woman in her true elements, flirting, thinking, laughing, screaming, seeing, smirking.... living.

Painter and sculptor,Eric Fischl words "Enwrapped, submerged, engulfed, immersed and emergent are the metaphors for the inner thought/feeling states of her protagonist - a women fully formed, suspended in a constellation of a milky whey, embryo-like, on the verge of birthing herself", says it all.

She is a person who is a king among kings and still has not lost her common touch. My admiration only grew seeing her dedicated, hard working and sincere approach towards her work. How she diligently spends 60 hours a week in her studio to create these pieces of pure delight.

                                         New Hope_6X8_Linoleum Print

But the best part of the day was when she liked 3 of my entries and thought that one of my work deserved a honorable mention. I am giddy with excitement right now! My dear blog friends I won my very first Honorary mention for my work "New Hope". And was honored by one of my favorite contemporary artist. Life cannot get any better! 
Nevertheless I stayed clear of all buses.. thinking what if?

Alyssa is currently having a show "Oil and Water" at the DFN Gallery, NY.

The entries selected by the juror will be on display at the John Slade Ely house, New Haven CT. from May 9th through June 8th. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And Truth its only home

I was talking to a friend this morning when the question sprung up.
"When are you planning to go home Joy?"
"I am home" I replied.
"I know you are home, I called your landline. I meant when are you going to your real home, India?"

That got me thinking. Because all this while I have been considering where I live my home. Isn't that how it is for everyone? So where is my real home?

            And Truth Its only Home_16X20_Mixed Media with found objects

Its been 5 years since I moved from India to the US. I must confess that initially I lived through a period feeling completely displaced and distressed. And missed being in India terribly. But in the last few years I found myself building a new life, new friendships, new bonds, new meaning to life... a new home.

Often times nature conspires in weird ways and the very elements that hold the foundation of life together, destroy it completely. But is destruction so bad? Doesn't it give us a chance to re-build, re-hope, re-vision and re-live? The only thing constant is the Truth of the past and present.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tackling the Green Monster

Have you ever felt envy reading somebody's blog? I admit, I have 'blog envy'. There is one blog that I read which has a huge following. It is also a great blog. And I often find myself referring to the blog as an example of a perfect blog and envy it.

http://LauraTwoTina.com is a blog which is a collaboration between two friends, thinkers and inspiring artists, the lovely Laura Gaffke and the talented Tina Hirsig. Laura says "Like two little birds singing in Harmony, they see the beauty and power of community".  They decided to blog to share their creative process with this community.

I love the simple, elegant and yet fun appearance of the blog. I love the way they approach their work and find inspiration in the most mundane things of everyday life. They have a knack in keeping their readers involved and come back to read more and above all they are consistent about it.

But the one thing which makes their blog so enviable is the amazing job they do in efficiently articulating their process with everyone. 

I am lucky to be sharing studio space with one of them, Laura Gaffke, who is a continuos source of inspiration. I recommend taking time out and reading their blog...  and quiet sure that you will feel inspired too.

P.S- Come back to share your comments :) 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Get Creative

What is creativity? Are artists the only creative people in the world? Not really. Creativity is all about coming up with new ideas, thinking and exploring. You might think that you are not someone who is regularly struck with brilliant ideas. Sometimes putting yourself in a new environment can help, but is that enough? It’s like sitting under an apple tree expecting to be struck with an apple and have a Isaac Newton “aha!” moment. If you are really lucky then it might just work but if you are like me then here are a few things I did to get out of the cubicle and think outside the box

Be a Rebel
As much as I believe in techniques and rules, I also believe in free uninhibited expression.While an Artist needs to know his/her craft its sometimes important to break rules.So if you are one of the meticulous, plan everything in advance, gets scared with the slightest of change person. Then its time you shed your old habits and try to get more spontaneous.

                                Love arranged_a page from my journal

Take Risks
If you want to learn to swim, you need to just dive in the water and trust it. Thats what creativity is all about.Take the risk of opening your heart and let the feelings flow out. Let go of control and let the brush and colors guide you. Its tough... but who said it would be easy, but I promise it will be worth it.

Address the white                                                                                      
If you find the starkness of white paper or canvas intimidating. Get Rid of it!! If you use Acrylic or oil you can always bring the white in later. I always paint my canvas in one single color as soon as I get them home.

                           Its complicated _ a page from my journal

Don't be too quick to judge
The problem is we are our worst critic. If you are unhappy with what you just created, leave it aside for sometime and get back to it on a later date. And if it still doesn't do it for you. You can always cover the whole thing with white and start over or not.

Follow your Intuition
Learn to trust what your heart says, it never lies.
And remember there is no right or wrong way to creativity... you can get there using a lot of different roads.

Doodle, Doodle and Doodle
Allow things to happen by accident, I often come up with interesting shapes and patterns when I doodle.
You can start a creative journal, think of what you are trying to accomplish abstractly. Look around you for inspiration. Doesn’t matter if your answer is ridiculous… the goal is to get yourself into a new frame of mind.

That said a one time effort will not bring home the prize. The key is CONSISTENCY!.

P.S- The images in this Blog post are pages from my Altered Book Journal. Both these pages inspired bigger pieces that I am working on now. Stay tuned to see the transition and to read more about altered books in future posts.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let the ideas Rock n Roll

And then God said "Let there be Ideas, so that bloggers always have something to write about".

Have you ever wondered where ideas come from? There has been times when I felt a writers block and wondered if I had lost my creative ability completely... and boom! I got a new idea!
Our assignment this week in the Blog Triage class is to list down 20 ideas that we would like to write about in our blogs.
The outcome being... No writers block! The logic is simple, there is always something that you want to write about.

So here's a list of things that I would like to write about (and also read about). And if you like any of these ideas feel free to use them as your inspirations. As a fellow Blogger Hannah Klaus Hunter rightly quoted: "if you think about it, no two people are going to write about the same subject the same way."
  1. My life's Experiences
  2. Common thread of thought among my paintings
  3. How Art has changed my Life and my view of life
  4. What I see, hear and feel everyday
  5. Art shows I am a part of or I visited.
  6. Artists who inspire me
  7. What I am drawn to
  8. My book shelf (May not be art related at all)
  9. My working table
  10. Blogs I love reading
  11. Cooking and the inspiration I get from good food.
  12. Free Open Source tools available which I find useful as an Artist
  13. Challenges that I face as an Artist
  14. Dialogues that I have with myself :)
  15. The local Art Scene
  16. My experiments with new mediums
  17. How my Reiki practice effects my creative process
  18. Courses and workshops that I attend.
  19. NPO's supporting local arts.
  20. And yes I will be promoting my friends a LOT
P.S- if you have been wondering about my ongoing mention about the Blog Triage Class, Visit: www.artbizcoach.com to get more info.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And let the I's become You

5 days into my Blog Triage class and I am loving it.
Alyson Stanfield (One of our instructor) gave us a very interesting challenge this week, to use "you" 3 times as much of a personal pronoun in our post. Going back to my earlier posts I realized how much I talk about me and so little about you, so this post is all about you:)

You are a person who believes that life is beautiful! You have a busy life, but often find yourself standing back and observing and admiring the world moving around you. You enjoy the finer things of life and often stop by to admire the beauty of a dew drop, the freshness of green grass, the fragrance of spring blooms, the buzzing of a busy bee. You believe in Love and the amazing feeling love brings into your life. You believe in exploring the road less travelled and in the Magic of the present. You understand that everything is not what it seems and are intrigued and impressed by the layers of life, layers of relationships and the many layers of the universe. You are intuitive and do not hesitate in breaking rules to follow your heart.

And most importantly you believe in yourself and the free expression of your feelings!

If you are all or any one of the above... You are my Ideal Reader and I look forward to knowing you more.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Prescription by the blog Doctors

I have been blogging on and off for a few years now and I love it. I love sharing what I am doing and getting connected with like minded people. But off late I realized that my blog needs some help... a lot of work and more consistent postings, so I decided to seek help of the Blog Doctors: Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield. They are teaching an online class called Blog Triage... and I am looking forward to incorporating all the cool stuff I learn to make my Blog more interesting. I will be doing this class for the next month so expect to see a lot of posts and changes. It will be interesting to see where I am in a month! So heres part of my first doze of the Blog prescription:)

My very first assignment is to talk about my intent. Try to answer a couple simple questions why I blog and who I want my readers to be. Well at first it seemed like a simple assignment and I assumed it to be done in a jiffy. But when I actually got about answering the questions... I was speechless or should I say in loss of words.
So heres my first shot... and I am sure that in the next month my answer will change a few times.

Thinking about my first question, Why do I blog? My main goal when I started to blog was to document my creative work. But over the last few months things changed and now my intention is to share the process and not just the product. So I am hoping that in the coming weeks you will see me writing about my inspirations, my working table and my creative process.

And to who I want my readers to be... that was a simple question, really! EVERYBODY! One thing that I have been thriving to achieve as an artist is to appeal to the masses. As an abstract artist I have always found that the end product rarely does justice to the process that it has been through. And often times I have my friends and family look at a piece of work that I am completely proud of and say "Ahh" or a "Huh", which I must confess is very very disappointing. So my blog is for everyone who wants to understand and appreciate the process of creating and for those who are in the same boat as me trying to find the right answer.

So are you my Reader? Looking forward to hearing from you all.

P.S- its very encouraging to see the long list of followers on the side bar... so if you love reading my posts then feel free to comment and click on the "Follow" on the top right corner of the page.

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