Wednesday, November 17, 2010

High on Life

Diwali Lights

Have you ever been so busy living and relishing each moment, that you forgot about everything else?
Then you know exactly how I feel! 

Last few months have been so much fun, that I kept hitting the 'snooze' button on all the reminders about updating blog and Website. Not that I didn't  miss you all, its just that like my 2 year old niece I feared that if I looked the other way I might miss out on something fun. 

In Halloween Mood
Anton Chekhov had said "If you want to work on your art, work on your life"

I decided to do exactly that. And treated my self to loads and loads of fun and inspiration. And strangely enough everyone around me seemed to be in a similar mood. The last few days has been all about 'celebrating the good things in life'. It started with Dasera and Diwali celebrations, the decorating of house, making traditional sweets and savories and partying with friends. Attended another awesome Soul Painting workshop with the amazing Roberta Mockus, one more round of Tunisian Collaborative Painting, a little traveling and a lot of Yoga and Meditation.
With my Yogi friends from South
One of the biggest treat I gave myself was a 4 day Yoga Workshop "The Art of Assisting" with Master Baptiste Teachers, Gregor Singleton and Paige Elenson. The workshop was both physically and philosophically very challenging. But at the end of the 4 days I walked out feeling free, open, in-flight and grounded... all at the same time. I learnt perhaps the most important lesson of my life: 'I Can't control everything! And most times its more fun to just let go off the control and go with the flow"

Interesting Canvas
All Inspired and Wired up I started working on a very unique Canvas, a woman's torso. 
I am doing this as part of the art exhibit and benefit for WomenHeart organization. 40 Artists from connecticut are participating to make this event into a blockbuster! There will be Live Music, Art and the company of the very inspiring artists. So mark your calendar for Dec 11th and come over to share your evening with us. 
Where: Art Space Hartford, 555 Asylum Avenue, Hartford CT
When: 11th Dec 6:00pm to 10:30 pm
For more details check the Facebook event @
I promise this show will be rocking!!

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