Thursday, September 29, 2011


The Invitation for the Show

It doesn't happen often that you walk into a gallery and fall in love with the show on display. It happened to me when I visited the Six Summit Gallery this past week to get a sneak view of their upcoming show named "Juxtaposed". 

A small portion of the Juxtaposed Show
Six Summit Gallery is a cute little gallery on 6 Summit Street, in the historic Ivoryton village in CT. Owned, curated and run by Leonardo Feroleto, this gallery represents a variety of artwork with respect to mediums, artists and also price points. To know more visit Website:

My Favorite piece of the show "Architect's Daughter" by Heather Sincavage
Juxtaposed, as the name suggests is a show about placement of random concepts, contrasting concepts, colors, shapes and values next to each other. It was Juried by Alyssa Monks, a New York based artist. I have worked with Alyssa before when she juried a show for Connecticut Women Artist and have been very impressed by her work, personality and process ever since.
Check my earlier blog post Honored to be Honored to read more about it.

Mark you calendar to be there to see this amazing collection of beautiful, skilled and thought provoking works of artists from CT, NY, MA and all around. You will Love it!

When: Between September 29th - November 20th
Where: Six Summit Gallery, 6 Summit Street, Ivoryton CT.
Opening Reception: October 15th 6-11pm or October 16th 12-5 pm.

If you are not from the area, make a day trip out of it. Ivoryton and Essex CT are beautiful tourist destinations and the place looks pretty spectacular in Fall. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspiration of Daily Life

© Infinite possibilities awaits on the other side 

"Life is a great and wondrous mystery, and the only thing we know that we have for sure is what is right here right now. Don't miss it." - Leo Buscaglia 

I hope you all had a fun week observing and making mental notes of the world around you. 
Its beautiful, isn't it? Wasn't it fun living with life and walking hand in hand with here and now?

I am high on life, addicted to every single element of it. The plus side, an overdose will not kill me, just enlighten me some more. This love of mine is evident in my work which is inspired by my everyday experiences. 

The most important quotient is People. Sometimes its just a mere observation on posture and activity which can be used later in bits and pieces in landscapes and cityscapes. But sometimes observing them make you think. For example every time I see an old couple walking hand in hand, it instantly gets a smile on my face. I think about their life, their struggles, their love that stood the test of times. 

© Fruit Vendor on the streets of rural India

Seeing is good, but don't let your other senses to fall back. Smell that fresh air, the aroma of spices coming from the nearby restaurant, the fragrance of somebody's perfume... they all usually trigger old memories and feelings in me.

Listen to music , the sounds of nature. Its a known fact that music inspires. The beats  might make you see a rhythm of colors, shapes and patterns or lyrics of a song might strike a chord in your heart. Just allow it to soothe you. 

Unwind, exercise and meditate! I have an entire series of work inspired by my Yoga Practice. I find it to be the best way to focus all my attention towards myself. Feel the air going in and out with each breath, the rhythm of my heart, the warm feeling. 
Its truly inspiring.

Enjoy Nature! After all is there anything more beautiful and intriguing than Mother Nature?

© Sunset at Avery Point, Groton CT

Last but not the least... Imagine! Travel to unseen places, think about other countries, their culture, their beliefs, all the amazing local folklores, their clothes... just close your eyes and go for a trip.

Possibilities are endless, there is something for everyone, observe, admire and            be Inspired!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good News!

© Face of Tourism: India Series_30X24_Mixed Media on Canvas
This past week has been an exciting and eventful week for me... so had to write in a quick post to share all the good things going on in my life.

The week started with an Art sale! Which is always exciting, to me its the best form of encouragement.

The week continued with further streak of good luck when I was elected as the next Vice-President of Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. Yes, its an honor to hold this post and I am stoked! I look forward to working closely with the other artist of the group to take this wonderful, vibrant organization to new heights. We have a very exciting year planned ahead of us with shows and lots of Artful events. 

Last but not the least, one of my work has been selected to be displayed at the highly esteemed Ocean House at Watch Hill, RI. I have posted a picture of the painting in this blog for all who cannot make it to the actual event. 

I just wanted to thank you all for your support and encouragement and all the good wishes and energy you have been sending my way. 


Monday, September 19, 2011

Embracing Creativity

© View from Panoramic Highway, San Francisco, CA
To create is to simply produce something using imaginative skills.
Often times people say things like "I wish I was creative", "You are either creative or your not" etc..,. The truth is everybody is creative.

The only thing that separates a creative from the others is very simple. The creatives have mastered the art of following through the process of creation and its not a knowledge we are born with but simply a systematic set of steps we have mastered by trial and error. There are popular theories and loads of books written by researchers and psychologists on the topic. However, I have my own version of the process. 

Yes, what I am saying is that an idea for painting doesn't get transpired with some divine intervention, it is a lot of focused preparation, observations, conversations and obsession! 
You got it... the key word is 'Obsession'. 

© Panoramic View_10X14_Water Color on Paper
Inspired by the Photograph to top.

Every artist at some point in their life have fought the fear of a 'Blank White Canvas' and for some, like me, its an ongoing battle. I definitely have a few sketchbooks jotted with ideas, a subject and a palette I love. But the process is not just about Ideas! 

For the lack of time and space for this post lets just talk about my sketchbooks of ideas. 
Where do you think these ideas come from?

That is the first step to the creative process: Preparation. 
This is the 'Not so fun part' of the cycle. It is what I like to call work, but it is necessary.
Most of my paintings are inspired by my life and my surroundings. Which essentially means that I am forever in an alert mode, observing and making mental notes of the smallest of the things I see. The way the trees branch out, the sun set and the changing color palette of nature, the ripples in the river, texture of a tree bark, the way people interact with each other and the list goes on. 

Creative life is a wonderful thing, of the many gifts its bestowed upon me I think the best has been the lesson of being present.

So lets all plan to do a fun exercise for the next week, walk around observe and come back here and share all you have seen. Be present!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


© Compartmentalize_4X4_Acrylic on Canvas
"Compartmentalization began as an architectural theory, Life can also be divided into closed-off sections. Makes everything much simpler." - Dexter. 

Not sure how many of you out there like to watch the very popular show on TV: Dexter. I do!
And have to admit absolutely love it! Its smart, witty and sometimes makes sense.

This particular episode got me thinking about the entire concept of Compartmentalization. 
And what really happens when people say they are compartmentalizing life.
Probably because right now I find myself juggling between a certification exam, working on Art shows and family commitments.

Technically the word means: separating things into isolated categories.
But is it possible to completely segregate all components of life from one another?
If yes, then how do you know which compartment to visit when? 

I like to organize, I am comfortable when the lines are clearly drawn and borders are not threatened and everything is in the place where it should be. It keeps everything separate and clean. To me its a tool to organize co-existence; to be able to be neat and balanced. 

But sometimes the lines go blurred and things get smoothed together. I play different roles, I try to separate and find it almost impossible to do. Just like tiny drops of watercolors that merge into each other when dropped on wet paper isolated sections of my life get smooshed together. As an artist I draw inspiration from my daily life, as an HR professional my art helps me be creative and think out of the box. Wondering if that makes me a messy person. Or if this mess is simply the mortar which binds together the various compartments. The tiny color drops building a colorful pattern and the dirty browns clearly defining the segregation of colors.

My this weeks working table has been all about this thought and my theories. In an attempt to find clearer answer, I divided the process of creating art into smaller components. 
Pics and details in my next post... see you soon!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

In the eyes of the beholder

© Process of Composition_36X18_Mixed Media
In Private Collection
Everybody can paint, but the difference between an artist and somebody who paints is quite simple. For an 'artist' its all about the process, for others it's about the product.

As an abstract artist, I have come across a lot of people who come up to me and say "My 5 year old paints like you"
But isn't that the point! Its liberating to be free of white noise in the head, to be able to shed off the chatter of details and to understand the basic shapes, patterns and their relationship with each other. To be fearless of judgement and be able to have a voice without any inhibition. 

But well, as much as I am writing all this in this post, there have been times when I got irritated with such comments or disappointed by rejection. After all I am a human. And as my good friend and colleague, Ishita Bandyo rightly said in her blog post 'Criticism is easy, Art is difficult':  "It is hard for creative people to be criticized. Most people who are artists have rice-paper thin skins and negativity can erode their confidence to shambles!"

While technically an artist is trying to appease a collectors sense of aesthetics, he/she is actually just appeasing themselves, their view and their soul. Even a photo realistic artist who is painting a photographic image is truly just juxtaposition-ing various objects they observe and voicing an opinion by arranging these observations in a certain pattern. 
There is always a story!

So here are a few quick questions you need to ask before you pass a critic, hopefully this will help you understand the process a little better.

1. What do you first Notice when you look at the work? And why?
2. What is the over all visual effect or mood of the work?
3. What are the colors you see? What do they invoke within you?
4. Why do you think the artist made these specific artistic decision?
5. Why did the artist create this art work?

And most important, when you visit an art show, take the time to read the Artist statement. 

Believe me, even though abstract art seems to be easy, there is a lot of time, effort, thought, few sketches, couple of drafts that goes in before the piece takes its form as a finished product. But that is a discussion for another post.

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