Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taking a break from Virtual, To make contact in Real

Wow! It has been over a month since my last post!
Yes, I missed you too.
But sometimes 'The business of art making" needs us to be out and about and doing things.

Along with Chairing Connecticut Women Artists Members show I was also busy getting ready for Open Studio Hartford. My first time doing something of this nature. Fortunately I had my friend and talented artist Laura Gaffke to give me company and encouragement.
We made a great team! While she focussed on getting the aesthetics all perfect, I worked on the logistics to make it work. 

The Poster for the Event
It all started with getting ready for the show with affordable art. So I got down to some planing and some work. A lot of Studio time to create some Monotype, smaller pieces of work, getting prints made of work I have already sold and best of all, holiday cards. Then came the tedious work of inventorying, labeling and pricing everything.

All packed up and ready to go
I think the most challenging job of all was fitting mine and Laura's work, tables, display prop etc in one car. I wish I had taken a picture of the car packed till the roof to share with you all.

© My wall after the set-up was complete
I remember the first time Laura and I went to see our spot she was shocked with the lighting, or should I say the lack of it. But there is no lighting problem that a few extension cords, clamp lamps and duct tape cannot solve. We artists are creative that way. Later walking around to see everyones set-up I was very impressed by the various creative ways used to solve the light problem. And all very cost effective, environment friendly and safe.

© Me in front of my newest series of work and my bin in the background.
The two day event was full of interesting conversation, some amazing and talented new friends, encouragement from old friends who drove up to see me, some sales and a lot of good feedback on my work.

Laura Gaffke and me
Highlight of the event: Our little space in the 2nd floor corner got named the "Happy Corner" by other artists and visitors.

With Laura and Diane, in the Happy Corner
Whats Next? Well loads of things! First I am working on setting up my Etsy Shop so that everyone can see and buy my work, second I am working on getting a shopping cart built in my website to make the life of all my collectors easy, third I am gearing up for the Holiday show at the Artist Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, fourth some matting and framing of work for the Printmakers show at LaGrua Center in Stonington and last but not the least... Road Trip! 

© Postcard of our Holiday Show

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