Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!!

© Morning Raaga_16X20_Oil on Canvas
With all the partying, all the countdowns, with a a lot of cheer we said our goodbyes to 2011.
The ball has dropped and 2012 is here! So what next?

I for one am very very excited about all the wonderful things coming up. Apart from my traveling plans of-course, can't blame a Sagittarian to constantly want to trot away!

© The Road Ahead

For starters I am chairing a Un-Juried, Un-Censored show for the first time. 
As the Vice-President of Connecticut Women Artist (CWA), I have been constantly inspired by the collective talent of this group. I figured it was only fair if all of us got to show-off our work together in one venue, without any selection/rejection process. A true representation of what this group is all about. The show is called "Un-Cut" and it will be at the magnificent Hartford ArtSpace Gallery. And yes it is the first ever Un-Juried show in the history of CWA. I am already thrilled with the amazing responses I have got from members and am looking forward to a show that will have walls full of paintings from the ceiling to the floor!

© The Door to Possibilities
I am beginning work on a entire new series inspired by growth and adventure and cannot wait to start sharing them with you all one by one. In addition my goal this year is to experiment with other mediums as well. I am looking forward to some classes in 3D mediums and putting it all together. 

This year I am also chairing the annual Regional Juried Show for the Artist Cooperative Gallery of Westerly (ACGOW) and am very excited about the awards and Jurors I have been able to get to curate the show. More on it in a later post.

Eileen and Me at the Opening Reception of ACGOW
As an Artist I have always believed that a key to growth and inspiration is being part of a community, a group which brings with it their experience, their learnings and their feedbacks. This belief of mine has been the reason behind me being an active member with ACGOW, CWA and Stonington Printmakers Society. This year I am taking a step forward and joining another such inspiring group, Norwich Art Council. I hope to learn and have fun being part of this group as much as I have with the others.

But most of all I look forward to blog, blog more and stay connected. 

Happy New Year!!

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