Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Together, We Can"

Oil Drum Art is a not-for-profit art movement trying to change human patterns through art. A 55-gallon oil drum is used as a metaphor for oil. Artists transform these drums into artworks that make a statement on global issues.
Every year a group of Artist bring together a collective of social or political or environmental commentaries to provide a forum for discussion with a hope to make a difference. This show is about bringing home the idea that 'Art' is something that has a place wherever it is seen not just as a thing of beauty but an idea with a power to make change!

This year I decided to be part of this collective and use the metaphor of the drum to make a statement about not just petroleum but about the general environmental responsibility of the Human Race. We pride ourselves to be the most intelligent animal on this planet, hence a race with the maximum burden of ownership.

Forget saving the planet, what we need to save is ourselves. The planet has survived millions of years, but every time it has tried to restore balance the destruction has wiped out entire species.

Are we next?

May be if we let borders divide us, differences separate us, greed rule us and selfishness dictate us.

My message is simple: let's forget where we come from, let's just focus on who we are and how we can. Let's join hands to save the Humans!

Because I strongly believe "Together, We Can".

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