About Me

"I don't paint for a living, I paint so that I can live."

I was introduced to the art world by a family friend who was an Art Critique. Through her I met, saw and understood the creative process of many artists. I was drawn to the effect their creative process was having on their life's perspective and I began to appreciate their way of looking at life. Through my education and while I was building a corporate career I went through this process to focus. I doodled to calm my nerves and focus before big presentations, it was like meditation.  

Art has taught me to be present and to notice the small things in life I would otherwise not see. In short it has taught me NOT to let life pass by. 
Baron Baptiste, the Yoga Guru says “Don't stay with the answers to your questions; stay with the experience of your inquiry.” I am enjoying that part of my journey.
My paintings come from daily life. I am constantly inspired by all the small wonderful things I am surrounded by, my Yoga Practice, my weekly jogs, my biking trips, traveling and my feeling of being in love with love. 
As an artist the happiest moment of the creative process is when someone relates to my work and want it hanging in their own personal space, their homes. Instantly it converts my colorful monologue to a free flowing dialogue. The feeling is unparalleled. I have had the luck of having many such dialogues. My work is in private collections in India, US and Europe. 

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